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Chicane Motorsport has a new service and repair facility in Olathe, Kansas located at 883 N Jan Mar Ct, Olathe, KS 66061. At this time, the service and repair center is by appointment only so please call 1-833-RACECMS or email to book your appointment today.

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We may sell just BMW parts but Chicane Motorsport is committed to meeting all your European Automotive service, aftermarket performance and repair needs. Located in Gardner Kansas, South of the Kansas City Metro we have experience in a wide range of European models including BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen and use the same caliber Diagnostic Equipment and Software as dealerships.


  • "Check engine” lights (fuel injection and ignition diagnosis)
  • Air leaks, lean/rich mixture, and O2 sensor faults
  • VANOS / Variable timing systems
  • Cam sensors, crank sensors, engine temp. sensors, and MAP thermostat
  • Alternator, battery, and charging systems
  • Body Electrical Systems Airbag systems (MRS and SRS lights)
  • Lighting systems, xenon systems, vehicle lighting, and interior lights
  • Climate control systems
  • Power windows, door locks, and remote locking
  • Power and heated seats
  • Convertible tops and sunroofs
  • Suspension & Power Steering
  • Steering and suspension ball joints and control arms
  • DSC / ABS Diagnostics
  • ABS/ASC/DSC lights (traction control and anti-lock braking systems)
  • Transmission and AC / Cooling System Service
  • VANOS System Service


The below will vary depending on the marque (ie. Inspection I/II for BMW, Service A/B for Mercedes and Porsche and mileage based for Audi and Volkswagen)

BMW models used below for example:

  • Inspection I (Model Specific)
  • Inspection II (Model Specific – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for any BMW with 90K+ miles)

Standard Inspection I Includes replacement of the following:

  • Oil change
  • Spark plugs
  • Coolant flush
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Transmission service
  • Differential service
  • Fuel filter
  • Cabin air filter
  • Engine air filter

Standard Inspection II Includes the replacement of the above items and the inspection of the following:

  • Connect to BMW factory diagnostic test and interpret any faults stored in complete vehicle
  • Battery condition
  • A/C system performance
  • Operation of all windows/sunroof
  • Door locks including lubing hinges and latches
  • Seat belt/buckle operation
  • Wiper Blades
  • Brake pad thickness and rotor condition
  • Suspension component integrity
  • Inspect and adjust parking brake
  • Inspect tire thread dept and wear pattern
  • Lights and any check control messages
  • Coolant flush
  • Brake flush
  • Power steering flush


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E46 Subframe Repair/Reinforcement - The BMW E46 has been plagued with an unfortunate weak point since its inception into the BWM lineup. The rear axle carrier panel is highly susceptible to cracking and tearing due to several design flaws. From continuous transition between on-off throttle, the panel begins to stress and fatigue due to a pitching movement of the rear subframe. To strengthen the rear subframe mounting points on the rear axle carrier panel, we utilize engineered steel reinforcement plates manufactured by PSDesigns. These plates are welded to the chassis after any chassis repairs are completed. The plates provide a stronger and larger surface area to better disperse the force generated by the rear subframe and suspension components. Combined with stronger subframe bushings, we provide a sound solution that keeps the rear chassis intact and ready for reliable performance.

Our rear subframe reinforcement service includes the following:

  • Full disassembly of the rear assembly
  • Degreasing and cleaning of the rear axle carrier panel
  • Repair of any minor and common cracks (more severe cracks require additional cost)
  • Welding in rear subframe reinforcement plates (parts are additional cost)
  • Three-stage undercarriage coating to prevent corrosion which is finished with the OE olive green color undercoat.
  • Subframe bushing replacement (parts are additional cost)
  • Reassembly of the rear assembly
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With the rear assembly removed, there are a number of additional services that can be completed at a lower cost due to overlap in labor with the rear assembly removed. Please inquire about the following optional services:

  • Differential bushings and mount
  • Outer upper and lower ball joints
  • Rear trailing arm bushings
  • Upper inner control arm bushing
  • Lower control arm
  • Rear sway bar

Connecting Rod bearing replacements (S54, S65 and S85) - BMW has created and produced some of the greatest naturally aspirated motors available on the road today. Due to these motors high strung and high revving nature they do need some additional upkeep to assure long term reliability of the powertrain.

The connecting rod bearings are one of the weaker links in the motor that require preventive replacement for increased long term reliability. It is much more ideal and cost effective to tackle this project prior to failure. Once a rod bearing fails and spins, it can compromise the crank or even the whole motor!

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We have done full rod bearing replacements on the BMW S54B32, S62B50, S65B40, and S85B50. From our years of experience with these engines, we have assembled comprehensive packages to address this underlying issue.

VANOS Service, Repair/Rebuild – Another downfall to a number of BMW models ranging from the mid-nineties to the late 2000’s is the infamous VANOS system. The variable valve timing system, also known as VANOS, has a number of key design flaws that over time can lead to a noisy valve train, leave you stranded in limp mode and even be catastrophic to you motors life.

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We offer custom, specially modified VANOS kits for all of the single and dual VANOS equipped BMW's, Euro E36 M3's, E46 M3 and E39 M5. Our VANOS units are professionally rebuilt to a much higher standard than the factory refurbished units and will solve engine performance problems that are due to a malfunctioning or stuck VANOS.

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Our standard VANOS service includes the following:

  • Full disassembly and cleaning of the original VANOS unit
  • New VANOS seals
  • New modified pump disk with reduced tolerance
  • Anti-rattle kit to reduce noise of operation
  • New OE S62 VANOS hub springs
  • New OE (updated spec) VANOS hub and gear fasteners
  • New OE VANOS filter
  • New OE upper chain guide

With the valve cover is removed, there are a number of additional services that can be completed at a lower cost due to overlap in labor with the valve cover removed. Please inquire about the following optional services:

  • Spark plug replacement
  • Valve adjustment (S54 models only)

Late Model Porsche IMS Bearing – IMS stands for ‘Intermediate Shaft Bearing’, which is the supporting bearing of the intermediate shaft, on the flywheel end of the motor (See red arrow below). The purpose of the intermediate shaft is to drive the camshafts indirectly off the crankshaft. By using an intermediate shaft, the speeds of the chains are reduced, which is better for the chain life. This basic design was used through the entire lifespan of aircooled six-cylinder Metzger engines used through to 1998.

What Porsche models are prone to IMS failure and should be replaced?

  • All 986 Boxster models
  • 987 Cayman & Boxster models up to engine number 61504715
  • All 996 models (not including: GT and Turbo models)
  • 997 3.6ltr with M96/05 up to engine number 6950745

In worst-case scenarios, the cam timing can also be thrown off, causing valve to piston contact. In that case, the engine will not be accepted as a core, requiring the purchase of another core or to pay an ever increasing core charge from Porsche on top of the cost of the replacement engine.

One thing is for sure; once you have experienced an IMS bearing failure, there is NO turning back. A complete engine disassembly is required to replace the intermediate shaft and in most cases, complete rebuild or engine replacement is your ONLY option.


We’ve been managing the maintenance and serviceability IMS bearings for quite some time, over the many years we’ve tested a few different brands and after it all, it’s the LN Engineering IMS Retrofit is the one for us. By converting the single row of ball bearings to a dual set up, they Retrofit allows for 90% more load capacity. It is clear to see that the reduced load capacity of the single row IMS bearing is a significant factor to the increased number of failures. That’s why the installation of a dual row ball bearing is the logical evolution for the IMS Retrofit.


BMW S55 Motor Crank Hub – The S55 motor that is in the f80 and f82 M3’s and M4’s is an amazing platform to develop. Unfortunately, with power development a major design flaw in the crank shaft, timing gear and oil gear design can be encountered. The multi piece design paired with the increased power levels that are easily achievable can lead to the clamping force of the assembly to be exceeded. This causes the camshaft timing to fall out of sync with the crack shaft causing piston of valve contact in some cases.

Our solution was developed and tested by MaxPSI who currently holds the ¼ mile record with the S55 motor. This keyed solution eliminates the friction washer design that BMW used to affix the crank hub, timing gear, and oil pump gear to the end of the crankshaft. In conjunction with a keyed timing and oil pump gear the hub itself is pinned to the crank shaft similar to many GM motors.

Don’t be afraid to add power to your S55 motor, contact us and add power worry free.


BMW N63 Valve Stem Seals – Old valve stem seals harden over time and no longer provide a proper seal between the seal and the stem, allowing oil to leak into the combustion chamber and the exhaust. This leaking can cause your car to smoke and can decrease the life of your catalytic converter. Here at Chicane Motorsport, we’ve seen a number of cars that come in with CAT inefficiency codes that are solved by replacing the valve stem seals.

Here at Chicane Motorsport we have the tools to perform the Valve Stem Seal Repair without removing the engine or cylinder heads from the vehicle. This repair not only saves you a lot of hours and labor, but also eliminates the huge risk of returning customers with cylinder head gasket issues or oil leaks. This is one of the few tools a shop can buy and recover the cost on the 1st job performed.

Don’t be stuck paying the insane prices at the dealership, we will get your car back on the road in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost.



Performance – Chicane Motorsport has many years of experience modifying cars for enhanced street and race track use. Over the years we have worked with many industry leaders to provide solutions to improve chassis dynamics, increase braking performance, and increasing power output. Some of our partners such as Motion Control Suspensions have been competing at the highest levels of motorsport across the globe for decades and Performance Friction Brakes are a podium contender in both sports car and oval track racing.


Chicane Motorsport does its best to test all of the hardware and ECU software to assure they meet our standards. We are not just another parts retailer, we work hard to test and help develop the parts that we sell.

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Engine management software tuning is very critical in maintaining reliability and consistent performance throughout the process of adding power hardware upgrades. Different hardware upgrades can change the efficiency and safe operating range of the motor. It is critical to address the software side to achieve optimal performance and safety of the motor.

We are a North American distributor for a number of premier tuning brands. We strive to pair our customers with the right ECU calibration to obtain your performance goals while maintaining reliability and drivability. All of these products have been thoroughly tested on the dyno, street, and race track.



Whether stock or a race suspension, chassis tuning plays an important role in providing a path to the greatest grip advantage. Be it a street car needing factory alignment settings or a dedicated race car needing a custom alignment and corner balance, Chicane Motorsport has the equipment and the experience to get your suspension setup to meet your performance needs. With our years of on track testing, we are able to determine and provide chassis alignment settings that suit your driving style, car hardware, and race track.

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Chicane Motorsport can handle all types of projects from mild HPDE track car to full on custom race car. Some of the race car building services that we offer include the following:

  • Suspension Design and Installation
  • Roll Cage Construction
  • Custom Built Street and Race Car Exhaust Systems
  • Safety System Installation (Window Netting, Fire Suppression, Electrical Cutoff)
  • Bolt-On and Custom Aerodynamic Work
  • General Racing Related Installation and Fabrication Work
  • Chassis Repair and Reinforcement
  • Racing Seat Installation
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