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BimmerWorld/ClutchMasters - E36/Z3 (-1999) Lightweight Sprung-Hub Clutch/Flywheel Kit
E36/Z3 (-1999) Lightweight Sprung-Hub Clutch/Flywheel Kit

Price: $849.99

Part Number: 0259



Finally! A proper solution for a low cost, low hassle, lightweight, sprung hub clutch to reduce transmission noise in your E46/Z3/Z4 car. Our kit features JB Racing flywheels and either a Sachs or ClutchMasters clutch package - some of the best names in the business.

These lightweight aluminum flywheels significantly lower the high rotating mass of your stock flywheel, allowing your engine to rev quicker. Makes shifting faster and rev-matching much easier. The clutch package removes the self-adjuster found on the factory clutches in these cars, which makes them more serviceable and more appropriate for performance use. Also, the addition of a sprung-hub clutch will reduce noise normally masked by the heavy stock dual-mass flywheel, which is more prevalent with a lightweight piece.

JB Racing is one of the best machine shops in the country, used by many professional race teams to do precision machining for engines and other driveline components. Their BMW flywheels are made with the same precision and quality that these teams rely on, unlike typical units on the market. Standard features include:

  • CNC machined flywheel, zero-balanced to eliminate vibration
  • Replaceable hardened steel clutch surface, bolted - not riveted on
  • Heli-coil inserts for pressure plate don't strip when clutch is replaced
  • Factory starter ring gear
  • Hardened steel gaul plate keeps the flywheel bolts from damaging flywheel
  • Flywheel bolts, pressure plate bolts, and dowel pins included

This JB Racing lightweight flywheel accepts a variety of stock and performance clutch packages. Our design addresses several concerns common to both street and track driven cars:

  • Sprung hub - By adding a sprung hub disc, chatter and noise gained by adding a lightweight flywheel is greatly reduced or eliminated.
  • Disc material - Depending on your car's use, we offer five flavors for the right amount of grip:
    • Sachs OEM Spec - smooth OEM feel, slightly increased clampload
    • ClutchMasters Stage I - Performance Organic - 40% higher holding capacity, excellent for street and track use
    • ClutchMasters Stage II - Kevlar - 70% higher capacity, smooth engagement, very long hard-use lifespan (2-3 times stock)
    • ClutchMasters Stage III - Sintered Kevlar - segmented Kevlar surface, more bite, 110% higher capacity, long life
    • ClutchMasters Stage IV - Ceramic - hard use compound, gives up some smoothness for additional power handling capability - excellend for race, track, or hard street use
  • Pressure plate (ClutchMasters units only) - We increase the clamping force on the pressure plate by changing the lever action, which adds a minimal amount of pedal stiffness compared to other methods. The self-adjuster found on the factory clutches is removed, making them more serviceable and more appropriate for performance use. We also replace the straps with beefier pieces and add an additional layer for good measure - this has proven to be the Achille's heel most pressure plates and is a must for cars that will receive any extended hard use.

All kits include JB Racing aluminum lightweight flywheel, clutch disc and pressure plate of choice, and throw-out bearing. Fits all 6 cylinder E36 (323, 325, 328, M3), and -99 Z3 (2.8L, M Coupe/Roadster).

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