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BimmerWorld/ClutchMasters - E46 M3 Lightweight Clutch/Flywheel Street Kit
E46 M3 Lightweight Clutch/Flywheel Street Kit

Price: $1,299.99

Part Number: 0257

Disc. Material:


The aluminum flywheel weighs in at 10 pounds - almost 60% lighter than the stock dual mass flywheel! This means your engine will rev more freely for faster and smoother shifting. And you shouldn't feel too bad about losing 15 parasitic pounds the engine would otherwise be accelerating in a circle instead of putting power to the ground either. It is made to the same exacting standards as our standard aluminum lightweight flywheel line:

  • CNC machined flywheel, zero-balanced to eliminate vibration
  • Replaceable hardened steel clutch surface, bolted - not riveted on
  • Heli-coil inserts for pressure plate don't strip when clutch is replaced
  • Factory starter ring gear
  • Hardened steel gaul plate keeps the flywheel bolts from damaging flywheel
  • Flywheel bolts, pressure plate bolts, and dowel pins included

The Clutchmasters Clutch assembly is simply put the best, if not only solution on the market for a performance E46 M3 clutch. This design addresses several concerns common to both street and track driven cars:

  • Sprung hub - By adding a sprung hub disc, chatter and noise gained by adding a lightweight flywheel is greatly reduced.
  • Disc material - Depending on your car's use, we offer two flavors for the right amount of grip:
    • Kevlar - very high wear rate and will hold more power than stock material
    • Ceramic - designed for the power junkies that push the limits on the drag strip and road course on the weekends and are willing to give up some smoothness for additional power handling (500Hp worth)
  • Pressure plate - Increase clamping force on the pressure plate by changing the lever action, which adds a minimal amount of pedal stiffness compared to other methods. We also replace the straps with beefier pieces and add an additional layer for good measure - this has proven to be the Achille's heel of E46 M3 clutches and is a must for cars that will receive any extended hard use.
  • Self-adjuster - While nice for a pampered street car, this is another piece of technology that we have done very well without for years, but now interferes with performance. So we get rid of it.

Whether you want to add more pep to your throttle response and improve acceleration for your daily driver, need more reliability for track use, or just need to replace your clutch and want to put in something better, the this lightweight flywheel and clutch package is the only logical choice.

SMG Applications - Different clutch materials can result in harsher engagement due to factory SMG tuning. Please call if a stock material is prefered.

Kit includes clutch, pressure plate, flywheel, and throwout bearing.

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