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SCHROTH - Hybrid III 6-Point Harness
SCHROTH Hybrid III 6 Point Harness

Price: $479.99

Part Number: BW-0458


Shoulder Style:


The Hybrid belts are a breakthrough in Harness design, blending a formula style harness with something much more effective that gives excellent restraint in an extremely comfortable package.

Typical Formula restraints (Profi II Formula/Profi III Formula) display high upper torso trajectory during a crash. To reduce this trajectory, the crotch straps have to be routed backwards and to be worn extremely tight. Some drivers complain of reduced blood flow in their legs. In addition, this configuration does not help during a rear impact to keep the buckle and the lap belt in place. In particular in typical open wheel race car seating positions the driver is not kept firmly in his seat but is likely to move up exceeding the roll over protection.

The so called "T-bar" 6 point restraints (Profi II-6/Profi III-5/Profi III-6) provide a better restraining function since the anti-sub straps can be routed downward following approximately a chest/crotch tangential. This keeps the buckle in place and provides direct load transfer from the shoulder straps into the Anti-sub strap. During a rear impact the Anti-sub strap keeps the buckle and lap belt in place and restrains the driver much better in the seat. The disadvantage of this type of harness: the T-bar should have a certain width to properly separate the Anti-sub straps but is likely to stick into the upper thighs. To increase the comfort, the buckle is often not worn as low as it should be for best lap belt positioning.

The solution: the revolutionary Schroth Hybrid restraint. The crotch straps are not routed through D-rings or attached to a T-bar, but are held directly by the specially developed lap belt latches. Thanks to the patented Schroth RFR rotary buckle the load transfer from the shoulder belts through the buckle into the anti-sub straps and vice versa in case of a rear impact is achieved. This direct load flow is important for optimal restraining function.

So the main thing that sets the Hybrid belts apart from the rest is the direct load transfer from the sub straps to the cam lock in an extremely comfortable way. It performs better while making you more comfortable. This is definitely a good thing. The Hybrid III comes with 3" webbing on shoulder and lap belts, with the 2" webbing on the subs. Sub Strap and end fittings come as Snap-In but are wrapped in, so if you want them to wrap or bolt, just purchase the bolt on kits and you're all set. Shoulder belts come with 3-bar slides to wrap around a roll-cage. Snap or Bolt attachments available separately. The lap belts are stitched in Snap-In.

Available in Black, Red, Blue and Silver.

Cam Lock Fixed Point

  • Right Hand Shoulder

End Fittings

  • Shoulder: LV7 with B14 Wrapped-in
  • Lap: Sewn-in B14 Snap-in Bracket
  • Subs: LV4 with B14 Wrapped-in

Extra Hardware

  • 6 SG 23 7/16" Eyebolts
  • 12 S3 Wavy Washers
  • 2 SG39 7/16" Reinforcement Plates

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