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Supersprint - E46 M3/MZ4/MZ3 Header Systems
Supersprint E46 M3/MZ4/MZ3 Header Systems

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Price: $1,904.99

Part Number: BW-0513



Supersprint is known for building the absolute best exhaust systems and headers in the market. Their E46 M3/MZ4/MZ3* headers use patented technology to extract every ounce of power to be had beyond the factory exhaust manifolds. The new "stepped" header design comes straight from the racetrack as a direct fit to your car's engine and factory exhaust system. This patented design is quite unique in that it offers a smaller diameter primary tube that starts at the engines exhaust port and later increases to a greater diameter at a specific distance from the cylinder head. The result from the larger tube is maximum horsepower at high RPM, while the small tube maximizes low-end torque.

The engineers at Supersprint realize that for maximum performance, exhaust development must begin at the exhaust ports of the cylinder head. This is why Supersprint has the largest variety of racing header systems in the world today. Each header incorporates CNC laser cut port matched flanges. Primary tubes are mandrel bent using the latest CNC tube bending equipment. With special tooling Supersprint has been able to keep weld joints to a minimum for added reliability. The fully appointed R&D department uses the latest in proto typing equipment along with the reliability and accuracy of a MAHA all-wheel drive chassis dyno. With over 50 years in performance exhaust development they have earned the confidence of many of Europe's most respected tuners.

Headers Available:

  • Standard - The original Supersprint S54 header - direct fit. Does not produce the elevated torque figures of the stepped versions. *Only header to fit S54 MZ3.
  • Version 2 Stepped - Direct fit stepped header - BEST VALUE. Most popular considering it makes most of the power of the Version 1 yet it can be easily installed to the factory exhaust system without modification. Can also be fitted with any performance exhaust system components found in our catalog.
  • Version 1 Stepped - The ultimate power header. Large collector diameter for great upper-RPM gains. Requires specific Supersprint midpipe described below.

Version 1 Stepped Adapter Pipe (Section 1) Options (Not necessary for Standard and Version 2 Stepped header):

  • Connecting Pipes - All Supersprint alternate connecting pipes are mandrel bent 304 stainless steel for maximum performance and durability. The alternate pipe is designed to replace a resonator that is standard in that same position. This option will increase sound slightly and reduce overall system cost.
  • Optional Metallic Catalyst System - High horse power performance applications require the durability and free flow characteristics of metallic racing catalytic converters. Turning up the power or using you car on the track will quickly melt down and damage your OE ceramic catalytic converter. Each racing converter is manufactured to racing specifications utilizing a high heat resistant metallic core. The reduced cell count from the OE 400 CPSI to a high flow 200 CPSI makes the Supersprint racing converters the most free flowing on the market today. All components are 100% stainless steel, and all tubing is mandrel bent to assure you the highest flow volume. These pipes use the European catalyst placement and will require lengthening your rear O2 sensor wires.

Applications include all E46 M3 and MZ4 models. "Version 1" stepped header can be installed in a MZ4 with specific mid-pipe as listed in the options. "Standard" header also fits MZ3 with S54 engine.

Installing a Supersprint header without incorporating a form of catalyst is suggested for off road use only. Please contact us concerning custom software and O2 sensor deletes necessary for this modification. Performance catalysts are also available for Standard and Version 2 headers in the Supersprint E46 M3 exhaust listing found in our catalog.

Made in Italy

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