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Conforti - Shark Injector Engine Software - E46 M3
USB Conforti Shark Injector Engine Software - E46 M3

Price: $349.99

Part Number: 0083



Conforti's new USB Shark Injector performance software is finally here for your M3! Jim Conforti Performance Engine Software represents the most cost-effective approach to increasing engine performance. It has been dyno-tested to provide a safe increase in power by altering fuel enrichment, cam timing and ignition timing specifically for use with premium gasoline. The OBD II Performance Engine Software also provides an increase in the factory rev-limit allowing for optimum shift points for maximum acceleration. Not only does Conforti re-map part-throttle fuel and spark, they also re-map other areas of chips other tuners don't touch - such as acceleration enrichment, transition fueling (how the car responds to rapid change in pedal), and VANOS control as needed to optimize the vehicle for operation on premium fuel.


  • DSC button controls Sport mode. With this feature you can control how the DSC and Sport mode interact. By pressing the DSC button and turning the system off you will automatically engage Sport mode. And by turning DSC back on, the Sport mode will disengage. This effectively de-activates the Sport button on the console. You'll only have to push one button instead of two! Available with 8100 rpm rev limit only.
  • Or you can choose to have the Sport mode stay activated even when you turn the ignition off. This is extremely useful if spend all of your time in Sport mode. Now you won't have to repeatedly push the button every time you turn the car on! Available with the 8100 rpm rev limit only.
  • SMG specific software. This software has been programmed to work specifically for SMG equipped cars. SMG customers can now reap the benefits and multiple options of Shark Injector software!
  • Euro Header/Catalyst: Standard software is specifically programmed for cars with high-flow European header and catalyst.
  • Header/No catalyst: Standard software is specifically programmed for cars with aftermarket header and removed catalyst.
  • Header/No catalyst (8600RPM): Standard software is specifically programmed for cars with aftermarket header and removed catalyst. This software also has an even higher rev limiter of 8600RPM, and turns off a few of the cars OBD2 systems that could cause the check engine light to illuminate. Recommended for race use only!

This do-it-yourself engine software programming tool changes programming in about 5 minutes and is completely reversible, meaning your dealership with the best of intentions won't accidentally remove your performance software when uploading a dealer update! Cars produced from 1996 onwards (OBDII cars) require flash reprogramming via the Shark Injectorâ„¢ instead of a conventional chip. For US models only!

Software tuned specifically for E36 M3 and S52 MZ3s incorporating a 3.5" HFM will need to use a Porsche 993 HFM found through our website.

Using engine considerably above factory redline can reduce the expected service life of engine. Only use when shortened engine life is expected.

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