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OEM BMW Oil Filter Kits OEM Oil Pan Gaskets Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

OEM oil filter replacements

Original equipment manufactured oil pan gaskets for numerous BMW applications

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Pilot Bearing OEM Replacement Serpentine Belts Valve Retainers

Suggested when replacing the clutch assembly

Replace your cracked, worn belts

Fits all US E36 engines, plus E39 5 and X5
Valve Spring Head Bolt Set Hydraulic Valve Lifters

Fits US E36 M3 engines, plus E39 M5, Z8, and M44 318 and X5

OEM head bolt set for M50, M52, S50, and S52 engines

Numerous applications - OEM and Genuine BMW
Accessory Belt Pulleys - E36, E46, Z3, Z4, other 92+ 4/6 Cyl Valve Cover Gasket Set E30/E36 M3 Rear Crank Seal

OEM replacement idler and tensioner pulleys/assemblies

Stock valve cover gasket sets, include spark plug hole gaskets

Stock rear crank seal